Talking at Javascript Israel

Dear friends, It was a great pleasure to be hosted at this wonderful community of JavaScript Israel.

My presentation dealt with many aspects of CSS Architecture, which I was unable to further develop because of the time limit. So please find here some links that will turn you into architecture master: Yesterday presentation- CSS Storytelling Architecture:

Responsive Design Best Practices (A comprehensive lecture including my personal aspects):

How to create Templates and Layouts, an all-out lecture of mine about CSS Grid:

Architecture rules to handle CSS Variables:

I have many other tips in regard to handle sites which inherit other sites, and how to treat components that are loaded only in few pages. So, you are welcome to read my articles series about CSS Architecture:

More of my lecture, you can find on my website:

You are welcome to follow me on Twitter:

And again, thank you all for your attention! Last evening was a great pleasure for me!

Elad Shechter