My New Series of Articles on CSS Architecture

CSS Normalize or CSS Reset?!

As a rule, we want an HTML elements to look the same way, independent of which browser is being used to view it. Unfortunately, this is not the case because of the way browsers run.

The question of which approach to use in eliminating differences between user agent styles is an ongoing debate between Normalize CSS vs CSS Reset.

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CSS Architecture — Folders & Files Structure

One of the essential things in every programming language is architecture, i.e., how the code is divided into file and folders. Somehow, however, CSS was left in the corner, and many developers don’t take the time to plan its architecture properly.

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CSS Architecture for Multiple Websites

Complex CSS architecture is not something you learn in any formal institution.

My fourth job in the web industry was as a CSS/HTML expert, in one of the leading media news companies in my country, and my primary mission was to write reusable and scalable CSS for multiple websites.

In this post, I will share with you the knowledge and experience I gained in this field of constructing a multiple website architecture.

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Naming Things in CSS

Deciding on a naming convention is one of the hardest things in any programming language, and CSS is no exception.

This year, after 13 years in the web development industry, I spent my time trying to change things all the time. As a result I’ve gained a lot of experience, and in this post, I would like to share with you my naming convention for CSS class names.

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